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About the club

The New Haven Lawn Club is a private club nestled in the downtown area of New Haven, Connecticut. For over 100 years the Club has been a center for social and recreational activity for families, couples, and individual members who live and work in the area. The Club has played an important role in the culture and lifestyle of Greater New Haven since its founding over a century ago.

The New Haven Lawn Club was originally founded in the late 1800's to create a prestigious establishment that catered to the elite class for leisure activities, especially ‘lawn tennis'. As the membership grew, it became evident that a permanent location was needed to accommodate this community of tennis enthusiasts. The new private club was built on a large tract of land on Whitney Avenue receiving its official charter in 1891. In 1929 the Club experienced a terrible setback when a raging fire destroyed the Clubhouse. The membership came together and raised the funds for a new, much larger facility designed by New Haven architect Douglas William Orr which opened for use in 1931.

Over time, the New Haven Lawn Club has evolved into a much more inclusive private club than was originated by its founders. We have grown and changed with the times to suit the style, needs, and character of our New Haven community members. Our responsibility is to continue to adapt with our diverse membership, while continuing to uphold our tradition of excellence. While tennis is still an important focus of the Lawn Club, activities and events have been expanded to encompass a much broader range of interests and a greater emphasis on family.

Our Mission Statement

The New Haven Lawn Club is a place where our members and their guests feel welcome when they arrive, their expectations are met or exceeded while they are here and they feel appreciated when they leave. -Chet Chicosky, General Manager, CCM

For more information on membership at the New Haven Lawn Club please contact us at 203-777-3494 or e-mail Haley Turbeville our Membership Director at [email protected]